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At our pediatric dental practice, we place a special emphasis on preventive dentistry for children at a young age. As your child learns to speak and eat, their teeth are an essential part of developing proper function. Our goal is to help your child with preventive treatment to ensure their permanent teeth come in as correctly and healthily as possible.

One of the best ways to help your child achieve healthy teeth is to visit the dental office on a regular basis. During these appointments, we can examine your child’s mouth for early signs of harmful disease and infections. If diagnosed early enough, we can provide proper care to their teeth and assist them in achieving a happier smile. Our dentist and team offer treatments designed to help children avoid tooth decay and gum disease, keeping their mouths clean to remove the need for extensive care later on. Our preventive treatments include:

We are happy to provide patients with a welcoming environment for preventive care. As we meet with you and your child, our team can perform important treatments that ensure their smile is developing properly! To learn more about children’s preventive dentistry in Boynton Beach, Florida, contact us at 561-737-3633 and ask to meet with our dentist, Dr. Lisa Feldman.