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Our office is equipped with low dose digital X-rays. We recognize the importance of your child’s teeth development! At Dr. Lisa Pediatric Dentistry, we will examine your child’s smile with digital X-rays to help detect cavities, check the development of erupting teeth and evaluate for orthodontics. This technology can help us diagnose conditions that could not be detected during a regular clinical checkup. Through early detection and preventive treatment, we can help your child maintain a healthy, vibrant smile as they grow. We recommend that your child receive an exam every six months to help avoid the development of tooth decay.

Our team uses digital X-ray technology, which involves far less radiation than regular film alone. We do our best to minimize the exposure to radiation and create a comfortable experience for your child. Through the modern benefits of digital X-rays and proper shielding, you child will receive a safer exam with significantly less radiation exposure than traditional methods.