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Dentists adopting drill-and-fill alternative

By Kathleen McLaughlin, Preschoolers, elderly people and others who are ill-suited to go under a dentist’s drill have an alternative that proponents say will stop their tooth decay quickly, painlessly and cheaply. A subsidiary of Advantage Dental of Redmond has been marketing since last spring a silver fluoride product called Advantage Arrest, which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved to treat dental sensitivity. Its real purpose, however, is to stop tooth decay, and it’s about to become even easier for dentists in Oregon and across the country to use it. The American Dental Association approved a new billing code that can be used for silver fluoride treatments starting in January, said Gary Allen, dental director for Advantage, which…


Alternative for fill and drill treatment of cavities

By: Andrea K. McDaniels, Heather got a big surprise when she took her 4-year-old son for a routine dental checkup — young Eli had several cavities and needed eight crowns on his back teeth. The Baltimore mom worried about her child undergoing such a complex medical treatment, which the doctor said would require general anesthesia. “I could not wrap my head around the fact that my kid would have to go through a procedure of this magnitude,” Powell said. Desperate for an alternative, Powell began searching the Internet for other options. She discovered a handful of dentists around the country who use a mixture called silver diamine fluoride to freeze cavities, preventing the infection from spreading. The clear concoction…


New way to treat cavities is quick, painless

By: Kerry Cavanaugh, A new way to treat cavities that’s quick and painless could be perfect for kids who can’t sit for a filling, and it’s saving families hundreds of dollars. Anniyah James was all smiles as she settled into the dental chair. Her dentist sealed the 3-year-old’s cavity in 30 seconds without a needle or a drill. The silver bullet for Anniyah is called silver diamine fluoride, a topical product that seals cavities and stops them from growing. “The silver kills the germs that are in the tooth and the fluoride helps re-mineralize the tooth so that the tooth structure is no longer soft in decay, it’s hard,” Brill said. Brill said the only downside is that the…