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Oral Health Optimization

By: Many ingredients and options are available in the natural products industry scientifically proven to enhance oral health. From mouthwashes to toothpastes and ingredients such as probiotics, cranberry extract, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and more, it’s an exciting time for dental health product developers and manufacturers. Periodontal disease is of great concern among consumers due to its connection to other chronic diseases. Probiotics, specifically heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum HK L-137, play a role in decreasing the depth of periodontal pockets and improving chronic periodontitis. Other probiotics, such the Streptococcus salivarius strain, are commonly present in the mouths of healthy individuals. The Streptococcus salivarius strain possesses substances that protect against several pathogens including ones that cause strep throat, otitis media and halitosis/malodor….


17 brilliant uses for toothpaste… that don’t involve your teeth!

  By: Toothpaste is such a common object in our house that we can often forget how useful it can be – it isn’t just a teeth cleaner! It’s actually an awesome cleaning aid, as well as a stand in for creams, beauty products and other expensive pastes. Here’s some of our favourite ways to use toothpaste, do you have any others to add? 1. Clean your iron Irons get built up grime over time, so to clean them, use a non-gel toothpaste to gently remove the gunk. Make sure the iron is cool and turned off at the power point. Wipe off and polish. 2. Polish your diamond rings Who needs expensive ring cleaners when you have toothpaste?…

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Keep your toothbrush clean, and other teeth tips

By: Kim Glover, Sometimes the most useful information is not found in a textbook. Here are several of the more useful dental tips I have come across during my years as a dental hygienist — including one to prevent “brain freeze.” Maybe one will help you. Keep toothbrushes separate — Your toothbrush most likely won’t make you sick if you keep using it after having a cold or flu. The University of Rochester Medical Center says you are unlikely to become reinfected by your toothbrush. After recovering from an illness, your immune system has learned how to neutralize that particular virus or bacteria. However, each person should make sure their toothbrush does not touch anyone else’s brush when it…