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Creative ways to keep ‘the dream’ alive for your children

By: Jane Linley-Thomas, Parents have the responsibility to keep the dreams of their kids alive, but sometimes they forget, and then the panic starts to set in. This is what happened with Jane recently. My kids are moving into the age of questioning whether or not Father Christmas, the tooth fairy, and Easter Bunny are real or not. My eldest announced the other day that he thinks Father Christmas had red hair and his wife has short black hair. Hmm. Sounds familiar, right? I am trying to keep the joy alive for the twins, but my daughter is already poking holes in the stories. Fast forward to Wednesday morning. My daughter lost her first tooth. There was much excitement…


How to make a tooth fairy pillow tutorial

By Kathy Mathews, Materials for 12 pillows 1 yard tooth fabric scraps of white fabric stuffing or leftover batting thread Steps for How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow First Step – Cut the pillow fabric into the size which works for how much fabric you have. I cut mine into 7 inch strips minding the design. I cut each of those strips into 3 pieces giving me a piece that was 7 inches by 14 inches. If I had my druthers, I would have made it a bit larger. But I only had a yard and I wanted at least eleven. You can make yours wider or longer but I would recommend cutting on a fold to have…


Baby Teeth – Tooth Fairy and Worldwide Traditions

  By: Over the centuries, parents have developed traditions and customs to excite children about the event and help ease their worries. The Tooth Fairy is a well-known character in most English-speaking countries, but she doesn’t visit children worldwide. Many countries have their own unique traditions, that any parent can utilize to make this a special, exciting time instead of something to dread. The Tooth Fairy In England, the United States, Canada, and many other countries, parents encourage their children to place the lost tooth underneath their pillow. The Tooth Fairy comes during the night and buys the tooth by swapping it for a little money, usually a coin or a few coins. In Tooth Fairyland, the fairies use…