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8 of the best electric toothbrushes, according to online reviews

BY DALVIN BROWN, Tooth be told, we’re wild about connected technology. And since you’re here, you probably are too. All jokes aside, oral hygiene and the healthy of your teeth are seriously important. We’ve all seen those electric toothbrush commercials that claim to be the best at cleaning between your gums, preventing cavities, warding off gum disease, yadda yadda yadda. But how do you know which ones are really worth the space in that cup by your sink? How do you know what features are actually useful? We like to think that the best way to tell if you’ll be satisfied with any tech purchase is by asking people who already own whatever you’re looking to buy. So, we…


Women change their toothbrush twice as often as men

By STEPHEN MATTHEWS, Woman change their toothbrush twice as often as men, a shocking new survey reveals. They replace their brush or electric head every 92 days while men stick with theirs for almost twice as long – an average of 185 days. It means that men are using the same brush on average for six months, potentially risking the health of their teeth and gums. Dentists recommend brushes be changed every three months to maintain optimal dental care. The results come from a survey of 1,000 patients by Carisbrook Dental in Manchester – one of Britain’s leading private dental practices. They found that 57 per cent of women are now using electric toothbrushes to clean their teeth –…

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7 ways to whiten teeth naturally

By: Lambeth Hochwald, If your teeth have been looking less than pearly white lately, and you don’t want to use commercial whitening products to perk them up, read on. Turns out, there are seven smart ways to whiten teeth that don’t require the use of tooth-whitening strips or abrasive products. 1. Harness the power of fruits and veggies Strawberries and apples contain malic acid, which acts as a whitener, says Kourosh Maddahi, a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, California. In general, most crunchy fruits and veggies have enough abrasiveness to clean tooth surfaces without posing any harm to the enamel. “In addition, the high fiber in fruit acts like a gentle scrub, too,” Maddahi says. “They also increase saliva…


Smart Toothbrush Beam Adds Gamfication That Gets Kids to Brush Their Teeth

By: Beam, the smarter dental insurance company, launched “Boulders and Band-Aids” within the Beam app, adding a gamification layer on top of the brushing behavior data already collected via the Beam Brush. The new game allows anyone who brushes their teeth while using the connected Beam Brush or the Beam app’s manual timer to earn lives to play the game, which encourages users to brush more often, for longer. The Beam app is available for free from the App Store and Google Play. A vast majority of oral diseases are preventable, yet they still affect a substantial portion of our population. Specifically, tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions in children: even though tooth decay is…


Xylitol: A Sweetener That’s Good For Your Teeth

By: By Robert Iafelice, A sugar substitute with beneficial health properties that is growing in popularity is xylitol. While xylitol is a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables, it is also naturally produced in our bodies during normal carbohydrate metabolism. An average-size adult makes up to 15 grams of xylitol daily. Xylitol is classified as a sugar alcohol (like sorbitol, mannitol, erythritol, etc) because its chemical structure partially resembles sugar and partially resembles alcohol It is actually a carbohydrate that looks and tastes remarkably like table sugar with 40% fewer calories and practically no aftertaste It is used as a sweetener in chewing gums, mints, beverages, sweets, toothpaste and in tabletop granular form. It has been approved for…


How to Make Your Child Become a Tooth-Brushing Addict

By: For many parents of young children, tooth-brushing can be a horrendous ordeal. When children are too little to do a good job of it, the responsibility falls on Mom and Dad or the kid’s dentist. Which is no fun at all when the little one is bouncing about and clenching his mouth shut. As children age, this pattern of behavior usually fades, but it’s still tough to get kids to brush properly. It’s just as hard for parents to tell if older kids have cleaned every surface and have brushed for the full two minutes. Of course, it usually becomes apparent at the kids next check-up, when he/she either gets a clean bill of health or cavities and…