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How parents can protect against cracked or broken teeth

By: ERICA FRANCIS, Remember when you chipped or lost a tooth as a kid? How can you keep the same thing from happening to your kids? It helps to know what to do … and how to prevent dental problems. If your child comes home missing a tooth, find the tooth and take the child and the tooth to the dentist ASAP. Any tooth that is knocked out must be re-implanted within an hour. If there’s bleeding, rinse the mouth and apply pressure to the bleeding with a tissue or even a tea bag. Rinse the tooth in milk and keep it in milk until you get to the dentist. There are various treatments for a cracked, chipped or…



By: Quick action is crucial to saving the life of an injured tooth. Teeth are remarkably resilient, but can be chipped, fractured or broken when quick, strong impact occurs. Today’s advanced dental care makes it possible to repair or replace injured teeth if care is obtained within a certain amount of time. Tooth trauma is very common, particularly among children. In fact, one-third of five-year-olds suffer injury to their primary (baby) teeth, and one-fourth of 12-year-olds suffer injury to their permanent teeth.1 Baby teeth are responsible for creating space for the adult teeth, helping to develop clear speech and keeping the permanent teeth healthy underneath. That’s why taking precautionary steps with an injured baby tooth is just as important…