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3 Reasons It’s Important to Care for Your Teeth Starting Now

By: Naomi Webb, Losing teeth may not seem common, but it is. Studies show that by the age of 50, the average American has already lost 12 teeth. There are a lot of reasons that teeth are lost, and these can include: Tooth decay, Injury, Gum disease, and Smoking also leads to tooth loss. Caring for your teeth is a must, and it’s a habit that every parent should be sharing with their kids, too. When you take good care of your teeth, you’ll: Reduce your risk of serious health problems. Serious health problems are linked to bad oral hygiene and dental health. Studies have shown a link between gum disease and diabetes, oral cancer, heart disease, dementia and…

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Demystifying The Most Common Tooth Myths — Enlighten Yourself With The Facts

By: Sam Cohen, It is unanimously acknowledged by most people that any kind of dental work can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. Perhaps this is the reason behind rescheduling our pre-fixed six-month dental visits unless we find ourselves cringing in the office of the dentist. There is lot of stress and anxiety which surrounds our dental health, and this has given birth to a lot of myths which increase our dental woes. Unlike serious conditions like heart diseases, ALS, cancer and Type 2 diabetes which grab the headlines, the relationship between oral health and overall health is often forgotten by most people. In fact oral health is the most neglected part of our health and that’s why we…