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What Are Teeth Made Of?

By Akshima Sahi, BDS, Teeth contribute to the important functions of food mastication, swallowing, digestion, speech, and aesthetics in humans. Each tooth component serves a specific purpose. The development of human teeth begins in the womb. Children generally have their primary tooth (deciduous tooth) eruption around 6 months of age. By the age of 12, most primary teeth have been lost and secondary teeth continue to replace those teeth until adulthood. The human tooth is divided into three different parts: *Crown – This is the visible portion of the tooth. It covers nearly two-thirds of the total tooth structure. The crown lies above the gums (gingiva). *Neck- The small and narrow portion lying between the crown and root of…


Drinking healthy: Is flavored carbonated water a healthy option to plain water?

By: Most people understand the importance of drinking water and its health benefits. But with so many options of sweet tasting, caffeine laden, fizzy options, it’s hard to reach for plain water. Water products have been evolving in the food industry as quickly as any of the new items in the grocery store. When the mouth becomes dry or there are bodily signals pointing to needing something refreshing, it can be confusing what the recommendations of choosing healthy water or drinks. Drinking pop (as we call soda in Michigan) regularly can wear away tooth enamel and can cause people to gain weight rather quickly. Many people reach for carbonated water thinking this is a healthy option to drinking pop…