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The real truth about sugary drinks: How much is OK for kids to consume?

By: Jayne O’Donnell, Too much sugar is associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. But it can be so good and can seem addictive — even if it’s not. Should we tell our kids to cut it out? Maybe so. About two-thirds of kids have had at least one soda, fruit juice or sports drink on a given day, according to a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And nearly a quarter of children aged 12 to 19 in the U.S. have either type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, according to a separate, 2012 study in the journal Pediatrics. “We’re not talking about people in their latter stages of life,” says Shawn McIntosh,…

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How to Use Diet to Prevent Kid’s Cavities

By: Jennifer Lance, Every time we go to the pediatric dentist, I worry he will find a cavity in my son’s mouth. My son was riddled with early childhood caries as a toddler, and he has had one cavity since. The patch within his heart makes dental work particularly worrisome, and I have read of other congenital heart parents restricting their children’s sugar intake to prevent cavities. Thankfully, sugar is not to blame for children’s cavities. Sugar causes cavities…right? WRONG! According to pediatric dentist Dr. Roger W. Lucas, DDS, parents should be more concerned about carbohydrates than sugar for dental health. In his book More Chocolate, No Cavities: How Diet Can Keep Your Kid Cavity-Free, Dr. Lucas clearly explains…