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Bad Breath: How To Handle It

By: Halitosis is the scientific name for bad breath and is one of the most common oral concerns among children. What Causes Bad Breath? Poor Oral Hygiene: If your child is not brushing their teeth regularly or is not brushing them well enough, it can lead to bad breath. Plaque that is not brushed away can irritate the gums, and the tongue can harbor bacteria which can produce smelly odors. Mouth Breathing: Your child may be breathing through their mouth as a result of a stuffy nose or as a sleep habit. Unfortunately, this dries out the mouth which results in bad breath. Dehydration: Not drinking enough water will result in bad breath as it allows the mouth to…


The health benefit of brushing your tongue

By: Duke Oreva, Brushing the teeth two twice a day without cleaning the tongue is as good as not brushing at all. This is because the tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria and when not cleaned, it causes everything from bad breath to infections. It is important to note that the tongue is not just contained with harmless saliva. It’s a carrier of biofilm or a group of microorganisms. And unfortunately, getting rid of it isn’t as simple as drinking water or using mouthwash. As a matter of fact, it’s difficult to kill the bacteria in the biofilm because, for example, when mouth rinses are used, only the outer cells of the biofilm are destroyed; thereby leaving the…


The REAL reason for morning breath

By JALEESA BAULKMAN, DAILYMAIL.COM It’s something most are embarrassed to share with their nearest and dearest – let alone their dentist. But there’s no getting around it: millions of people wake up with bad breath every day – and some far worse than others. While poor dental hygiene is a culprit, few realize other factors like snoring and chewing gum can make the odor even more unbearable. Unfortunately, there isn’t a foolproof method of preventing morning breath, but experts have certain tricks to make your smell less potent. 1. YOUR MOUTH IS TOO DRY When people are asleep their mouth becomes a dry desert, which contributes to morning breath. Snoring or sleeping with your mouth open can exacerbate the problem….