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Oral health: These 6 foods can whiten your teeth naturally


By: Nupur Jha,

Yellow teeth are a major turn off; it’s something everyone wants to avoid. Various reasons cause yellow teeth, which can range from unhygienic oral health maintenance to excess consumption of food or beverages that leave your teeth pigmented.

Not taking proper care of the teeth can cause teeth caries leading to tartar, cavities, etc. Using too much of chemicals on the teeth might cause damage. Hence, adapting natural ways to combat the yellowness and resurrecting the whiteness is the best thing to do.

Here are some foods which you can include in your diet to maintain the whiteness and shine along with a beautiful, healthy smile:


Nuts comprise of proteins, which aid in teeth whitening. Also, munching them helps in rubbing the stains off and scraping the plaque away, thanks to their coarse texture. Make sure you consume different nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc., very often.


Apples comprise of a natural ingredient called malic acid which is used in toothpastes; this acid leads to salivation in our mouth which aids in maintaining teeth’s cleanliness and removing any stuck food particles and stain on the teeth. Also, chewing apple with its skin acts like a gentle and natural teeth scrubber which provides you with various health benefits along with hygienic teeth.


Like apples, strawberries too contain malic acid, which naturally cleanses your teeth, just eat them and get rid of the off-whiteness. The yellowness is too much, try cleaning your teeth by applying baking soda on the strawberry and get the white shine back.


This juicy fruit tends to neutralise the stains on the teeth caused by the germs and aids in teeth whitening. The juicy content of the fruit leads to saliva production which aids in flushing away the stuck food particles and leaves the teeth cleaner.

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