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How to make a tooth fairy pillow tutorial


By Kathy Mathews,

Materials for 12 pillows

1 yard tooth fabric

scraps of white fabric

stuffing or leftover batting


Steps for How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow

First Step – Cut the pillow fabric into the size which works for how much fabric you have. I cut mine into 7 inch strips minding the design. I cut each of those strips into 3 pieces giving me a piece that was 7 inches by 14 inches. If I had my druthers, I would have made it a bit larger. But I only had a yard and I wanted at least eleven. You can make yours wider or longer but I would recommend cutting on a fold to have a bit less sewing.

Second Step – Cut the pockets for the pillows. Again, I cut them on the fold. I judged the size of the pocket by looking at the size of the pillow. My pockets were out of cotton as well as the pillow. I cut the pockets 4.5″ by 7″.

Third Step – Fold pocket and stitch it on both sides and a bit into the bottom. Clip the corners, turn inside out and press, make sure you get the corners poked all the way out. Stitch it in the center of the right side of pillow.

Fourth Step – Sew right sides of pillow together, leave a gap at the bottom.2016-11-06-008 Clip corners and turn inside out through the gap, be sure to get corners fully turned out. Press.

Fifth Step – Using stuffing or leftover cut up batting fill the pillow using the same gap. Put in as much as you want. I used a lot because I have lots of leftover batting.

Sixth Step – This is the only tricky step. You need to close that gap and if you have stuffed the pillow pretty full, it’s harder to sew with a 2016-11-06-009machine. You could sew it by hand which I may do for the other eleven pillows.

You’re done! I mushed mine around, I know that’s a pretty technical term. 2016-11-06-010-2But I wanted to have the batting spread out evenly so it looked a little cuter. I love the finished prototype.

You could make your pocket smaller or write/embroider the name of the child on the pillow. Be creative and you can even use a different fabric on the back if you are limited in your yardage.

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