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Your Kid’s Bedtime Routine Could Make Them Healthier


By: Vanessa Taylor,

Kids are notorious for not always enjoying their bedtime routine — from hating baths to rebelling against sleep itself. It can be tempting for parents to give up on the routine altogether, wondering what’s the point of fighting every single night, but don’t give up! A new study has found that your kid’s bedtime routine could help them sleep better, improve their performance in school, and set them up for success as they age.

Co-authored by psychologist Dr. Julia Allen, “Bedtime Routines Child Wellbeing & Development” found, according to The Herald, “Lower levels of anxiety, anger, and fatigue being reported by parents with optimal bedtime routines.”

To reach this conclusion, researchers involved 50 parents of kids aged 3 to 5 in the study. Parents were asked about their children’s bed time, frequency of tooth brushing, snacking and drinking in the evening, and if kids were allowed to read or use electronic devices before bed, according to The Sun. After, the researchers compared those results with school and dental reports.

By comparing this data, researchers were able to conclude that not only did kids with regular bedtime routines have better emotional well being, but they also had better teeth, according to The Sun. Bedtime routines, in other words, are important for pretty much every aspect of a child’s health: emotional, psychological, and physical.

Bedtime routines help children learn how to wind down for the night and teach them how to take care of their bodies. Most kids would gladly skip brushing their teeth if it wasn’t part of a daily routine. Even if parents might think that part of a routine isn’t important, if you want a child to do something later in life, stay consistent. It’s better to make a habit of it now than to struggle later.

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