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How to Make Your Child Become a Tooth-Brushing Addict



For many parents of young children, tooth-brushing can be a horrendous ordeal. When children are too little to do a good job of it, the responsibility falls on Mom and Dad or the kid’s dentist. Which is no fun at all when the little one is bouncing about and clenching his mouth shut. As children age, this pattern of behavior usually fades, but it’s still tough to get kids to brush properly. It’s just as hard for parents to tell if older kids have cleaned every surface and have brushed for the full two minutes. Of course, it usually becomes apparent at the kids next check-up, when he/she either gets a clean bill of health or cavities and gingivitis show up. If only there was a way to make kids addicted to brushing their teeth, or at least a little more compliant…

Sonicare has Done It

Most people are familiar with the Sonicare brand. The company has been around forever, and it released the first massively-popular wave of sonic vibration toothbrushes, capable of vibrating hundreds of times per second. Their brushes have revolutionized oral healthcare industry, making it possible for people to get healthier teeth and gums through better home care. Although they’ve had a children’s brush on the market for quite some time, getting kids to cooperate has still been a challenge. However, their latest production actually makes kids want to brush.

It’s a Toothbrush and Game in One

The new children’s brush from Sonicare comes with integrated Bluetooth and connects to a free downloadable app. As kids brush their teeth, they’re also brushing Sparkly’s teeth. The fuzzy animated character encourages kids to brush each section of their mouth for the right amount of time, and gives them instructions on how to do it properly. Children are rewarded with prizes in the app that allow them to feed or customize Sparkly’s appearance. This makes kids genuinely want to come back to keep “playing,” and they develop good brushing habits as a result. Kids who tested the device loved it so much that they wanted to stay up at night and keep brushing, so the company redesigned the app a bit. Now, Sparkly falls over in exhaustion shortly after finishing. The brush retails for about $50, and the company actually has a warranty for two years, and guarantees better checkups.

Not Ready to Upgrade Just Yet?

While many families already have a mobile device in the home for the app, and the brush may well pay for itself after one cavity-free checkup, the new Sonicare kids brush may still be out of reach for some, and the brush might not be ideal for all kids. There are lots of ways to make brushing more fun for kids.

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