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7 ways to whiten teeth naturally

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By: Lambeth Hochwald,

If your teeth have been looking less than pearly white lately, and you don’t want to use commercial whitening products to perk them up, read on. Turns out, there are seven smart ways to whiten teeth that don’t require the use of tooth-whitening strips or abrasive products.

1. Harness the power of fruits and veggies

Strawberries and apples contain malic acid, which acts as a whitener, says Kourosh Maddahi, a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, California. In general, most crunchy fruits and veggies have enough abrasiveness to clean tooth surfaces without posing any harm to the enamel. “In addition, the high fiber in fruit acts like a gentle scrub, too,” Maddahi says. “They also increase saliva flow which helps removes stains and many have tooth-strengthening properties like iron and vitamin A.”

2. Use straws and lids to reduce staining

To reduce stains, sip staining liquids, like dark green and red juices through thick straws and drink tooth-discoloring beverages like coffee and green tea through vented lids, Maddahi says. “These are great tricks to reducing the amount of staining you get on your teeth,” he says.

3. Reach for dairy

It may seem counterintuitive, but cheese, milk and yogurt contain minerals like calcium and phosphorus to promote the remineralization of tooth enamel, says Rene Ficek, a registered dietitian and lead nutrition expert at Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating. “This can help teeth appear sparkling and keep them cavity free,” she says. “There’s even evidence that eating cheese after a meal can prevent tooth decay.”

4. All hail the power of baking soda

Baking soda is one of the most inexpensive ways to help teeth stay white — and one of the least painful. “If you’ve ever gotten your teeth bleached, you know that horrible feeling the day after when the bleach has worn off your enamel,” says Shaina Simhaee, a holistic nutritionist, health coach and founder of “Baking soda doesn’t do that. While it won’t give you an overnight transformation, it definitely whitens without harming your enamel.” In fact, Simhaee says she keeps a small jar of baking soda next to her toothpaste and adds a pea size amount to her toothbrush and toothpaste every time she brushes. “While some commercial brands sell baking soda in their toothpaste, it’s not enough to get your teeth white,” she says. “So add some on your own!”

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